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Interbrand招Senior Designer(需英文流利)-AD110·aLife
文: Interbrand招Senior Designer(需英文流利)
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Senior Designer

Location: Shanghai, Interbrand China

About Interbrand
Interbrand started in 1974 when the world still thought of brands as just another word for logo. Over its 30+ years, Interbrand has changed the dialogue, defined the meaning of brand management, and continues to lead the debate on understanding brands as valuable business assets.

Today, Interbrand is amongst the largest brand consultancies and has grown to include 36 offices in 25 countries. A diverse range of insightful thinkers brings together the combination of rigorous strategy and analytics with world-class design creativity to help its clients create and manage brand value in all market dynamics.

It is widely respected for its annual study, The Best Global Brands, creating a broader platform for the discussion on brands in the Webby-award winning, and numerous industry honours for its client work.

Overall Responsibility:

Interbrand is looking for an extremely creative and conceptual Senior Designer to join the team to help generate and execute great ideas.  The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of branding and corporate identity and an ability to work independently and alongside other design team members, consultants, and clients.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:

-              Ideate and create impactful and memorable visual experiences for a dynamic spectrum of clients
-              To help generate/execute/produce great ideas and design executions
-              To work very dynamically with multidisciplinary teams
-              Develop design concepts and solutions based on creative briefs and clients’ business strategy.
-              Execute and produce design communications for diverse media
-              Collaborate and coordinate with all disciplines within Interbrand – strategy, verbal identity, program management, and implementation – to fulfill client needs under the direction of a Design Director or Creative Director.
-              Participate in external activities as a source of inspiration and for continued growth

Skills and Attributes:

-              Exceptional creative talent
-              Strong written and verbal communication skills
-              Strong organizational and time management skills
-              Strong presentation skills and leadership qualities
-              Pro-active, dedicated and flexible in time-allocations and approach
-              Experienced in all current design programs


-              BA degree in graphic design plus 5+ years of related experience
-              A strong knowledge of graphics and computer technology for design, web is a plus.
-              Exceptional creative talent (in the areas of brand identity in all mediums)
-              Well knowledge in software: Photoshop and Illustrator in Mac OS X environment
-              Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment
-              Must be a detailed-oriented problem solver
-              Strong written and verbal communication skills
-              Strong organizational and time management skills
-              Able to speak and read both in Chinese and English.
-              Experience with motion graphics and a working knowledge of the web is a plus
-              Passionate about brands.
-              Travel moderately inside and outside China, depending on client and business needs.


Please email your resume and portfolio to with the subject line, “Senior Designer”.


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