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文: Landor(朗涛)上海办公室招聘Strategist一名
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Title: Strategist
Location: Shanghai

Turning insight into action

Our role is to turn our strategic insights into real-life business solutions for our clients. We’re a consistently proactive and resourceful support to our team, involved in day-to-day client management as well as the development of new offers and services to enhance and grow relationships. Our essential skill is an ability to share insights and strategies with others in a way that’s meaningful, inspiring and actionable. We contribute ideas and knowledge toward creative briefs and briefings and design and facilitate meetings, brainstorms and workshops.

What makes us special?
· We’re highly proactive and able to spot and act on opportunities.
· We have strong opinions but are eager to listen and learn.
· We’re altruistic, sharing our ideas and insights with Landor and other stakeholders.
· We’re confident, articulate and inspiring to be around.
· We’re results-driven.

What we do
· We contribute to the development of the overall strategy, identifying internal stakeholders, understanding client-specific challenges and setting clear objectives.
· We work with our client to understand their needs and act as their day-to-day brand contact.
· We help build a plan that delivers the brand strategy.
· Working with the Studio, we translate the brand strategy into a creative brief that inspires excellence, and we help manage the development of that work through to execution.
· We help grow client relationships, seeking out and generating add-on business.
· We conduct data collection and analysis.
· Keeping up to date with digital trends technology, we share what we learn with our team, ensuring all digital possibilities are explored and engaged with

What we need:
· 2 to 5 years of experience of detail analysis and synthesis
· excellent Mandarin and English communication skills
· great presentation skills
· a creative mind

To apply, please submit your application to


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